Monday, February 28, 2011

On a quest with the white tiger prepade

By Nathan Hankinson
The White Tiger Prepade take you upon a spiritual journey through sound and light in their debut release ' Mystic Force In Gatekeepers Question Overflowing The Fountain Of.. '. Coming out of the Metal haven 'Oslo' the White Tiger Prepade take their music through a mind altering noise explosion that rids of prediction and continuity. The music orginal on its own is captured with hypnotic and psychedelic visuals through their video releases that accompany their music. The Tiger Prepade are pushing the boundaries for better and worst. I was fortunate to get in contact with the band and ask a few questions of their quests and this is what they had to say. 

1. From what I can see and from what I have heard of the white tiger prepade, it is more than just a band playing songs, how would you describe the white tiger prepade to an unknown?

Before we describe ourselves, we want the "unknown" to reveal its true nature. An "unknown" source is most likely to not make much sense of the explanation we could give in words. We ARE just two guys playing in a band playing songs or jams. Although we believe that our music and all music is able to communicate further and deeper beyond the "unknown", we know that we dont know, and throughout the unknown we dont know, that we dont know . We believe that we as humans are becoming more and more alien to ourselves. It might be that we know all the unknowns around, somewhere inside us. Aliens or not, we are living on the same planet for one reason. To make balance with the earth and ourself. Music can paint this beauty of balance.

2. The Norweigan scene seems like a tight community of artists, what would you say the benefits are of being a Norweigan based band? Are there avenues for artists to showcase them selves in Norway? What restricitions do you find?

Like ripples in the ocean, music spreads around everywhere. Soon we have shared our music with people all around the world. If you are true to music it will be true to you. Reveal its nature, the core of all movements. We feel very part of this movement. Although we are surfing in the outer realms of the community, it is the same core we are swirling about. The benefit is clearly there when the music finds a way by its self. We have never pushed music onto people. People have found us. When it is time to play, we play. It must come out of the right impulse. We think of it as the music calling us.. The wave we send out from shore grabs something in the deep ocean and pulls us back out again.

3. Do you see restrictions in your music? where would you want your music to evolve to?

We are open sources. Music is not something, but somewhat like life. And life takes the people to the next level. We expect us to change, and we do. A total of ingredients is necessary at all times but keeping stuff at the minimal we find the biggest creative rooms. The only restriction is not to be restricted to one thing, but to be open to whatever comes.

4. Your sound shifts between intense and peaceful, what were your influences in the development of your sound?

Balance between the ancients and the futuristics. Grand optimism and panic depression. Google earth and planetary meditations.
déjà vu and lucid dreaming. The inner living image and the materialized feelings. Sacred geometry and profane chaos.

5. Bands that inspire you?

We go deep and way back with metal. Everything that has some kind of punk or metal attitude is sure to be inspiring! But most of all the things that is on the flipside of us..
It is the most interesting. Piano, synth, ambient, and any form of instrumental music carry their colors out in a very direct and special way. It hits you in the core of your body and soul and spreads to you feel your boundaries. These have been making impressions the last year: Lubomyr Melnyk, James Ferraro, Charlemagne Palestine, George Garside, Enno Velthuys,
Mark Anthony Heide, Michael Sterns, Oneohtrix point never, Mort Garson.

The White Tiger Prepade have just had their debut release 'Mystic Force In Gatekeepers Question Overflowing The Fountain Of.. '. You can hear most tracks for free from their myspace check out It is a well worth the listen to hear another side of what Norway has to offer.

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