Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not Your Choice - E.P review

 'Rest in Peace, Live in Combat' is the title of the first E.P produced by metal/hardcore band Not Your Choice.  Hailing from the small town of Paderborn in Germany and forming in 2009, 'Rest in Peace, Live in Combat' is a polished and mature E.P that belies the age of this young band.  Starting out as a group of friends that had similar tastes in music, Not Your Choice began life as more of a thrashmetal band before the inclusion of second guitarist Chris in 2010 who brought with him a more of a punk influence.  "We have already gone through quite a long process and it isn't finished yet, but I guess it never will be and that's what it's all about isn't it?".
The Not Your Choice sound is intense, intricate and demonstrates a high quality of musicianship.  Lyrically the content is heavy, passion fuelled and written in English.  "I reckon that English is a nice, melodic language.  It feels good to write lyrics in another language that the one you use everyday to order your coffee, joke with your friends or to curse your neighbour who stomps his broom against his ceiling". 
The sophisticated musicianship, powerful lyrics and overall intensity makes Not Your Choice a band to watch.

Go check them out: