Monday, February 14, 2011

HorrorPops Australian Tour 2011!

With a stage show which includes Go Go Dancers and novelty lollipops, HorrorPops have been moving crowds into a rock 'n' roll frenzy for more than a decade with their unique variation on punk rock. Most often cited as a psychobilly band, HorrorPops left their native Denmark for somewhere with a better Rock 'n' Roll scene as singer/bassist Patricia Day told me. “There is a total of 3, yes three rock'n'roll venues in all of Denmark. When it comes to rock music Denmark is a third world country, there is no future there. If we could have relocated to Australia we would have, but it's actually easier to get US work permits than Australian. But Australia is to us a perfect combination of the grandness of the US and the local culture and humour from Europe and it's a great rock'n'roll country”.
It's been more than five years since Australian audience last experienced HorrorPops live in Australia, but this April they're back for a nationwide tour.
Tickets are available now from the Principal Entertainment website.

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