Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Epidemics – Waking Up The Dead

Fronted by the charismatic Emma Swänström, Epidemics have a sound which is reminiscent of punk band Vice Squad possibly contributed to the similar vocal style of Vice Squad’s frontwoman, Beki Bondage. Released on Ny Våg Records in 2008 and produced by The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s Inge Johansson, Waking Up the Dead consists of a great punk rock sound mixed with sweet melodies (‘Never Grow Up’) tied together with lyrics of the pressures of modern day society in the eyes of a non conformist. My favourite songs on the album would have to be the first track No Good Advice, Straight Jacket and the extremely catchy, ‘Wake Up and Scream’. ‘Waking Up The Dead’ is a great punk rock album, which is definitely worth a listen.
3 ½ / 5

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