Monday, February 21, 2011

Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive

Last July, I was given the opportunity to report on the Camden, New Jersey stop of Warped Tour, but the magazine I was freelancing for ran out of space and opted out of using my article. Ironically, the same thing happened the only other time I'd been to Warped, in 2006. The hilarious interviews and photos I risked heat stroke for sat in my computer, gathering virtual dust. I imagined anthropomorphic versions of the files crying and wishing that I, their creator, share them with the world. Well, my gigabyte friends, now is the time.

I start off with my first interview of the day, Winston McCall of Parkway Drive. Winston is the sort of person you look at before a performance starts and think, "Well, he doesn't seem like he'd be in a hardcore band!" Then he goes on stage, blows your mind and eardrums, and walking off, becomes that friendly chap from Byron Bay once again. He was honestly the nicest person I've interviewed and as soon as our conversation started, my nerves went away. Unfortunately, for our interview they stuck us in the hallway where the catering line was, so the chattering you hear in the background is a mixture of other interviews and bands complaining that they're hungry. At one point you can clearly hear a girl say, "I want some turkey!"

Parkway Drive are currently touring the US (I'll be at their Philly show on the 27th!) and will tour Australia in May, starting in Brisbane for their Mix N' Mash Tour.

Photos and interview by Danielle Reicherter July 16th, 2010

P.S.- Before I started recording, I nervously (read: stupidly) told Winston that the gym I go to is on a Parkway Drive. While this is true, I regretted saying it instantly, but he was genuinely interested in that, saying that he always likes trying to find actual Parkway Drives around the world. Aww.

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