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Like many great Swedish bands; The Bombettes hail from Umeå, a small city whose bands have made an immense impact on punk and hardcore. Their album, ‘Get Out of My Trailer, Sailor!’ is ten songs of pure punk rock bliss. I spoke to singer, Elin about The Bombettes and what it’s like coming from ‘Umeå Punk City’.
By Angie Hurlock

The Bombettes were looking for a singer when you joined, how did you get involved? 
A dear friend of mine told me that some friends of hers had a band and were looking for a singer. I had not played any music for 4 years but still I thought, ‘hey I can do that’. So I did. At the end of our first rehearsal we had already made a song.
How would you describe the Bombettes to someone who hasn’t heard you before?
We play danceable catchy punk rock with a hint of 60´s and a whole lot of riot.

There seems to be an incredible scene in Umeå. What is it about the Northern city which leads to such amazing bands?

Some might say it is because the northern cities are so boring, but I love it here and I am not bored at all. It has to do with many factors I think. First of all, the Hardcore scene during the mid 90´s of course but also (and maybe more importantly) it is a fact that the northern parts of Sweden are more industrial, more economically challenged, more sub cultural - Sweden’s "underdog" so to speak. That makes us wanna do things ourselves, nobody else will do it for us.
 What bands/musicians have inspired you?
I can’t speak for the other bombettes, but for me personally it is difficult to name drop. Music is the biggest love of my life - and has always been. I take inspiration from lyrics, from 60´s girl groups, from the DIY UK indie scene during the late 80´s (bands like Heavenly, the Field Mice, Talulah Gosh etcetera) from soul singers with deep voices from punk bands and from different subcultures. I live and breathe pop culture!
 How did you first get involved in the music scene?
 Well, I played the piano and the violin as a child and when I was 13 I started my first own band. A punk rock band in which I wrote all the songs and both played the drums and sang haha. Big no no today if you ask me. I moved to Umeå when I was 20. I moved here [Umeå] to study at the university but also because I knew a lot of great things about Umeå when it came to the music scene. Back home in Luleå (a small town even further up north) I was very involved in politics as a teenager and we saw what happened in Umeå during the 90´s, we were very jealous of that.

You have recently toured America, how was that and how were you received?

If anyone had asked me 15 years ago what my biggest dream was I would have answered: to tour America.  So it was sort of a dream come true. The response was great; we played different types of venues - from basements to clubs. The one thing that hit me was how amazingly big but still small the DIY punk scene really is. I am so proud to be a part of the Umeå scene. It doesn’t matter if we’re in Germany, Spain or in America there are always people who know a lot about Umeå. Quite amazing for a town with 100 000 inhabitants. The thing is, Umeå is more famous abroad than in Sweden. Swedes generally don’t give a shit about the northern parts.

Finally, is there a chance of coming to Australia?
Sure. If anyone is interested in putting up some shows just contact us and let’s make it happen! 

Listen to The Bombettes on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thebombettes
Get Out of My Trailer, Sailor! Is out now through Ny Våg records : www.nyvag.com

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