Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hannibal Buress interview

Hannibal Buress reads aloud from an article written about his act in a college newspaper, skewering it mercilessly. Granted, the author mentioned how much Buress was being paid for the gig and other journalistic faux pas, but I can’t help but worry what Hannibal thinks of the interview I conducted with him only an hour before. Buress displays a clever showmanship mixing energetic wit and a storyteller’s delivery, interspersing his classic bits with new material ranging from Odd Future concerts to passport photos. He admits to the packed audience that his show that night was taking a darker turn than usual, adding with a smile, “but I kind of like it.” Buress brings up how ridiculous it is when he’s asked about the recent Tracy Morgan scandal. I cringe, knowing all too well I brought up that very topic during our chat. Fortunately, he tells the audience the same thing he said to me (see interview below) and I am spared a Jack Donaghy-esque quip from the former '30 Rock' writer.

Here is my conversation with Hannibal Buress on the second night of his three day stop in Philly at Helium Comedy Club. Yes, that's The BeeGees and Fall Out Boy playing in the background. I apologize, we had no control of the piped in music and thought it was pretty weird too.

Hannibal Buress interview by TakeAimZine

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