Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Beginning, The Struggle and The Reward - Steve Towson

There is something about songs of protest and revolution that I just can not go past.  Whether it is the political point which is being conveyed, the traditional aspect which speaks of an infamous historical event or just the pure romanticism of it all, I love protest songs. 

The latest release from Queensland’s own, Steve Towson, “The Beginning, The Struggle and The Reward” is a five tracks of hardship, struggle and workers rights.  All except for one of the songs are covers selected from a wide range of artists including Joe Hill and John Lennon.  This release differs greatly from what we’re used to with Towson, it’s incredibly stripped back and raw which highlights the intense passion in his voice.  “The Beginning, The Struggle, The Reward” does not sound like an album of covers, the strength and passion in Towson’s voice makes each song his own and indicative of his desire for change.  This short but soulful release is well worth a listen.  I was fortunate enough to catch Steve playing tracks of his new album at the May Day Workers Concert recently held in Toowoomba on the first day of his tour to launch “The Beginning, The Struggle, The Reward”.  Accompanied by his guitar, a cello and a flute, the songs truly came to life and a raw, emotive energy was inescapable for everyone in the audience.
-Words and Photography: Angie Hurlock

The tour to launch “The Beginning, The Struggle, The Reward” has just kicked off, so go and catch Steve at one of the following dates.

Steve Towson "The Beginning, The Struggle, and The Reward" tour
6 May:  Mt Morgan, House Concert (41 Byrnes Parade)

13 May:  Townsville, at The Cot.

14 May:  Cairns, at Mofo (70 McLeod St), with Babylon 420 and Meat Bikini.

27 May:  Brisbane, at the Jubilee Hotel, with Wheat Paste, The Great Shame and Paddy McHugh & The Goldminers.

4 June:  Brisbane, at Fat Louies, with The Young Liberals and Fever Pitch.

29 June:  Toowoomba, at Smells Like Zines store (Shop 4/203 Margaret St).

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