Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Closure in Moscow interview

Before listening to the above interview, please read the introduction, otherwise you will be rather confused!

When researching Closure in Moscow, I discovered the band is notorious for their sense of humour, especially during interviews. I prepared myself for the onslaught of silly, but was still caught off guard when lead singer Chris DeCinque decided to answer all my questions by whispering into his friend's ear, who then talked for him. Fortunately, guitarist Manny Zennelli was not feeling shy and joined the interview as well. It's a long interview (23 minutes!) but worth the listen because it's comedy gold. At one point I mention a site they don't believe is real, it so is:

Here's a list of the people present to help you distinguish voices:
*Myself- The girl whose voice makes me sound like I'm 12.
*Manny Zennelli- The Australian fellow who actually talks.
*Chris DeCinque- Present, but silent. Speaks with the help of Jersey Guy.
*Jersey Guy- The American speaking on behalf of Chris. He also contributes his own opinion, the best way to tell if he's speaking for Chris or himself is whether or not there's a long pause before he speaks. (I feel terrible for forgetting his name, but you can see him on the right holding a camera in the first photo.)
*Camera guy- There was also another entourage member there either filming or taking pictures during our interview. He's mostly silent, but talks at a few points when we're discussing eagles.
*"Mary"- A girl walking by at an inopportune moment. She ran away, haha.
*Warped tour worker- A guy who asks me for a pen and handed it back with the cap off, getting ink on my hand. That's what lead to the awkward pen comment.

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